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Register Canadian domains, .com net and org and new TLDs. with a CIRA certified registry and take avantage value based pricing.

SSL for EVERY domain registered at COOLCOM

When you host your domain's website or email the SSL will kick right in! (Others charge $100s for SSL; often even more to renew it).

Privacy for EVERY domain registered at COOLCOM

We include privacy because we take issue with the innundation of spam and phone calls that Core Registries allow via open WHOIS info.

Cushy "One Click" admin. Exclusive Shrewd new Panel!

No getting caught in loops of instructions, manage your domain in a click. Even our "How To" is live with your domain list ready to admin!

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Average Savings over GoDaddy
Up to 80%
Average Savings over Webnames
Up to 75%
Average Savings over HostPapa
Up to 80%
Average Savings over Hostgator
Up to 65%

Register .ca & other domain TLDs at COOLCOM Premium

.ca Domains .com .net Domain Names and Regitering new style TLDs at COOLCOM Premium

Registering .ca domains brings with it quite a few governing rules and regulations and your team at COOLCOM Premium is always updating their knowledge of those regulated systems in order to bring you the most timely information and support in the industry. .CA domains are important to Canadian business as the TLD is accepted, trusted and often preferred, by the Canadian based online consumer. By having a .ca domain name registered, a website is often saying they have a full understanding of Canadian needs and endevours to offer up products and services that answer to those needs. Canadian consumers look for .ca domains when shopping or looking for professional services online. 

Manage your domain using Popular cPanel with all kinds of unprecidented domain administration tools

Added to the ease of using cPanel management for your domain records are the productivity tools included exclusively when you regiter your domains at COOLCOM Premium. You'll get email forwarding at your domain as well as Weebly 3 so you can make websites immediately without even hosting. And we also include an advanced landing page builder that gives you everything you need to create Strategic URL Landing Pages with SEO, Social Icons, Meta and more. You'll appreciate that your domain controls are right there with your page and email forwarding too, everything under one roof.

CostPlusDomains merger means lower pricing for .ca registrations and all other types of domains

at COOLCOM, registering .ca domain names has always been a we do that for you task, and with the purchase of CostPlusDomains, your .ca domains will also boast the lowest prices in the industry. We also now add quite a gammut of tools and perks with your new domains, making COOLCOM the best value. From email forwarding to CPanel management of your domains, DNS and Pointing, your .ca registration opens a new world of potential. Popular cPanel management is now included with domain registrations; even accounts opened with just one domain.

Domain Name Registration Enhancement at COOLCOM's Registry

Not ready or needing a full website just yet? Have other ideas? You won't believe what a .ca domain name can do all by itself... how you can be worry free... and how you can capitalize on personal email for your whole team or company... when you have the right company and services behind you. .ca domains and other domain name registrations all come with cPanel DNS admin letting you take care of pointing from a familiar environment. Your registered domain admin panel includes email, landing pages and Weebly 3 too.

.ca Domain Registrations vs .com net and org and even making use of some of the new style TLDs

At COOLCOM Premium we make it our business to stay on top of "the business" so we took a close look at the pros and cons of using the new style TLDs. It can't be discounted that .ca domains (and of course .com, net and org) will always be the top of mind TLDs. However, running a business that is unique may call for interesting angles, and opting to add a new style TLD to the fold can be beneficial. We currently suggest you register a .ca domain if doing business in Canada (or .com) and then add a new style TLD to that. You can then brand your website using your new style TLD but the .ca domain registration will keep you a place in the top of mind group of people that remember those more easily. Registering .ca domains is highly recomended for all clients with a professional service, store, online system or group in Canada as Canadians respond well to the country TLD. 

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