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The .com domain name is still associated with the internet as the primary TLD for which most businesses will seek a registration of some kind that relates to their website. 

While COOLCOM is a registrar of all TLD's, the com domain remains one of the most often searched in our system as well as most others.

.com domain registrationOn December 11, 1986 ccur.com the first .com domain registered. This came about shortly after the Global Domain System was first established in 1985. Back then .com domains were under the admin of the U.S. Department of Defense. The DOD in turn set up a maintenance agreement with SRI International. 

SRI created DDN-NIC, also known as SRI-NIC, or simply the NIC (Network Information Center),[7] then accessible online with the domain name nic.ddn.mil. Beginning October 1, 1991, an operations contract was awarded to Government Systems Inc. (GSI), who then sub-contracted it out.

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Later, in the early 90's, maintenance moved to National Science Foundation.

Network Solutions came into the picture there after as the NSF contracted them passing the work down the line. It was not until 1995 that annual fees for the .com domain were authorized. Until then firms charged fees for assisting companies and individuals with the paperwork involved. 

The first of the set fees was US$50 per year, with US$35 going to NSI, and US$15 going to a government fund. But those registering a .com domain had to order two years minimum at the outset, doubling the initial buy-in cost.

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.com URLs were certainly intended to designate commercial entities at the outset but demanded no qualifications for eligible registrants since early days passed. The .com TLD is open to registration by companies and individuals globally although many countries have their own top level domain with which commerce and internet activity is associated regionally. Still, for most entities, the procurement of a .com domain is deemed vital, even if the URL is not closely tied to the business or individuals actual name. There are currently no "one word" .com domains available.  

All .com domains are by default set to private when registered through COOLCOM.com or Domain.ca; we believe this is not a feature you should ever pay for.

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