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  • The 5th Biggest Mistake Made By Domain Registrants

    5. Seeing domains as websites and email (even full businesses) but failing to launch due to poor advice, poor programming or poor marketing.
  • The 4th Biggest Mistake Made By Domain Registrants

    4. Putting domain assets in the hands of unqualified strangers (or friends) … who make unannounced changes… get mad… or just disappear.
  • The 3rd Biggest Mistake Made By Domain Registrants

    3. It's common to think DNS is… DNS, but really DNS is a complex part of the equation. It’s not all the same any more than a Pinto is a Ferrari.
  • The 2nd Biggest Mistake Made By Domain Registrants

    2. Spending more time saving 3 dollars per year "registry bouncing" than working on vital marketing and sales; a common big mistake.
  • The 1st Biggest Mistake Made By Domain Registrants

    1. Lose precious time toiling through DIY pages, doing work that can be done cost effectively, and more efficiently, for them.
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